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Providing education to the people is the primary duty of any progressive society. Education, thus provided has not only to be universal but also of a very high quality. One of the pre-requisites of quality education is quality teacher for ensuring such teachers; the society has to establish institutes for the training of teachers. These institutions have not only to provide the necessary professional training but have also to motivate the teachers for service to the society and the nation. It is on the quality of the institutes that the quality of the students and the progress of the society will depend.

B.Ed. : (Seats 100)
B.Sc.(ZBC) : (Seats 60)
B.Sc.(PCM) : (Seats 60)



To produce quality Teachers for playing their significant role in the emerging knowledge society for educational reconstruction tending to result in total re-construction of the nation by adhering to statement - " Teachers are nation builders". To play this role effectively, we at New Adarsh Institute strive to equip students with the appropriate knowledge, habits, attitudes and values.



The mission is to provide quality education to the pupil Teachers to improve their teaching skills and develop in them competencies necessary to play the multi faceted role of the Teacher in the new millenium so that the future generation and pillars of the nation get efficient Teachers to teach them.